Sustainable development – building communities and creating possibilities

Tandem Liber Holdings management team has been in Sierra Leone for more than 8 years. During the Ebola crisis we remained in the country to show the people of Sierra Leone we have- and will continue to stand by them, in the good- and the bad times.

Through CDAP, Community Development Action Program we contribute to education and training, health care,  job creation and agricultural development in the remote area’s of Sierra Leone. We provide safe working conditions, responsible mining- and environmental friendly procedures, thus helping the development of Sierra Leone and its population.

Raw materials – high tech rare earth minerals – precious metals – base metals

Tandem Liber Holdings hold 4 high value license assets with various base, precious and rare earth metals. We are an exploration company with a limited production capacity at this time. In parallel to the production, which we can initiate now, we are also in the development of a complete JORC process in all license on a simultaneous basis.

Challenging environment – infrastructure – climate – nature

Sierra Leone, a beautiful country – beautiful people. Devastated after a civil war- and the recent Ebola crisis. Sierra Leone is the country of possibilities and promises. The people behind Tandem Liber are made for Africa, we live in Africa – we work in Africa – we reside in Africa and we will retire in Africa. The current infrastructure in Sierra Leone is still challenging, despite the tremendous efforts done by government to come to constant improvement.

The natural landscape of Sierra Leone is magnificent, beautiful forests and a breath of fresh air. The climate is hot- and humid. It is challenging to work under these conditions for people- and equipment. The main activities are during the dry season which is from October to May and the rainy season from June to September. We execute our production- and exploration the whole year round.