Randy Aduddell

Board Member

With 30 years’ experience in mining throughout West and Central Africa, he has successfully led several private investment operations in mining and mineral trading. Randy is honorary Paramount Chief in Sierra Leone and is active in liaisons in Sierra Leone and advising the company with his extensive experience- and network. Randy is working- and living on the ground in Sierra Leone.


Edward Meijers

CEO, Vice Chairman
Board Member

With an extensive experience in sales- and building companies to a successful operation, he successfully led private investment operations in mining- and commodity trading. He has 10 years of African experience over a number of Sub-Saharan countries. Edward works- and lives on the ground in Africa.


Henri Lecher

CFO, Head of IT
Board Member

With a wide experience in Information Technology, Finance- and international structures there is a valuable contribution to the board of Tandem Liber. Henri has good contacts in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Henri is available through our UK branch.


Ralf Kriege

Head Exploration- and Mining
Board Member

An experienced highly educated geologist, with multidisciplinary technical and managerial experience gained throughout Europe, South America, Africa and Australia. He has been involved in exploration to mining of a variety of commodities including iron ore, base metals, gold, uranium and tantalum.

Ralf was involved at a managerial level of progressing significant projects from greenfields status to feasibility studies including Sundance’s Mbalam project in Cameroon and Congo. Ralf holds qualifications in geology from Mining University Freiberg (Germany), an MSc Exploration from Curtin University and an MBA from Southern Cross University (Australia)


Niko Keller

Vice President
Global Sales

Nikolae Keller Ph.D.c has over 20 year’s experience as a strategist including business and competitive intelligence, advanced technologist, risk mitigation and assessment, Intellectual Property (IP) and Corporate expansion, patents, and physical location security, threat and crisis prevention and management in both the private and governmental sectors throughout the world. Following University at ODU in 1992, Nikolae pursued his passion saving animals, while consulting as a strategist servicing clients in the US, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America for private high net income individuals, corporate clients/brands, members of the royal family and government entities. Nikolae has a Masters in Metaphysics.Over the course of his career, Nikolae also gained valuable experience in global infrastructure, advanced technology implementation, and marketing. Additional responsibilities include but not limited to: the securing of sensitive physical and digital assets including client and customer information, customer billing information, trade secrets, expansion plans, marketing plans and strategy, executive and personnel records and email accounts, Production and technological processes, confidential financial and banking data, expansion plans, customer billing information, R&D blueprints for new technologies and multiple aspects of human intel.


Frank van Sande

Precious Stone

Frank van Sande has over 30 year’s experience as a an appraiser for rough diamonds.  He is a highly skilled specialist on rough goods from Africa and Russia. Frank has been most of his life abroad and with that stationary for a long time in Russia and several African countries. The specialism of Frank is the sourcing- and appraising of rough goods. The sales process of the rough goods and the execution of rough to a cut stone are the specialisms of Frank. There is a decade of experience where Frank was responsible for the production from rough to cut stones for one of the largest diamond companies in Russia. When real big stone need to be cut Frank is regularly flown in to appraise those stone with his expertise. Also difficult stones belong to his expertise.


Nardo Meijers

Head of Logistics
Head of Security

With extensive experience in logistics, transportation and mechanics Nardo is one of the key people to keep all running smoothly. He was self-employed and ran several garage companies in Europe, he is a skilled mechanic and knows how to keep everything going, also in difficult circumstances. Nardo has several years Africa experience in several countries.


Lamin Mansaray

Lamin Mansaray

Country Manager

James Kokero

Public Relations Officer
Saidu Bah

Saidu Bah

Head of Transportation and Driver Education

Anthony Tarawalay

Superintendent of local labour
Mohamed Sesay

Mohamed Sesay

Head of Plant- and Minerals Security
Samuel Gendemeh scaled

Samuel Gendemeh

Southern District Manager



Alie Manseray

Alie Mansaray

National Security Advisor