Is active for over 8 years in Sierra Leone. Formed from a merger of the activities of the current board members we were able to build a solid company on strong foundations.

Our group has a focus on rare earth minerals- and precious metal. The current status of our activities are focussed on the production of Coltan- and Gold and obtaining JORC.

Our current prospected Coltan production level of 40 metric tons per month will be increased over time to about 600 metric tons.

Our current prospected Gold production level of 20kg per month will be increased over time to about 100 kg per month.
The other minerals which are found in our licenses are mined as by production on the target minerals.

Business Overview

  • One of the largest acreage holder in Sierra Leone with key assets on high-yielding geological greenstone belts
  • Proven geological success in adjacent concessions
  • Multi-million ounce gold and large coltan- and iron ore deposits on 3 of our exploration licences
  • Iron licence 50.85% iron grade from surface rock sample and Kenema District with a 65.45% Cap DSO alluvial iron ore grade and 14 primary gold targets located for drilling by aero magnetic 3D VTEM scans
  • In excess of 2.5grs/tn of alluvial inferred- and 3 primary gold and coltan in our Valunia licence with expected alluvial costs of approx. $350/oz AU
  • Significant further exploration potential for gold, iron ore, uranium, ta/nb rare earth minerals and other precious minerals within concession portfolio
  • Experienced management team and board with operating, cultural and political knowledge of West Africa
  • Highly competitive exploration and mining fiscal regime
  • Stable democratic government and English-based legal system in a safe operating environment

Parallel to our mining activities our prospecting operations continue to bring all our area’s up to jorc standard- and or into production in the shortest time possible.

  • Optimise and prioritise exploration portfolio
  • Pursue aggressive exploration programme to include aeromagnetic, radio magnetic survey ‘s and core drilling in key areas identified by TLH world class consultants- and contractors
  • Accelerate exploration operations through the selection of contractors whose pedigree can add value
  • Strengthen operational capabilities through the recruitment of highly experienced exploration and operations staff
  • Envisage Large Scale JORC compliant operations within 1-2 year horizon